an alternate ending to the golden compass

Tay Thanasarn Tantivirun


The golden compass alternate ending

“What have I done?  Oh Iorek I’ve done a terrible thing! My dear, you’re going to have to fight Iofur Raknison, and you’re not ready, you’re tired and hungry, and your armor’s…. I told Iofur that you are coming by reading the symbols on the alethiometer (compass that tells the truth) and I knew that Iofur was really desperate to be a person by having a daemon (souls that are born with a person in the form of an animal). So I tricked him into thinking that I was your daemon, and lied that was going to desert you and be his daemon. But he will have to fight you to make that happen. That’s the only way so that you’re able to regain the throne and save my father lord Asriel. Because otherwise, they won’t give you a chance and kill you straight off like an outcast” as Lyra sobbed and whimpered, seeing that Iorek Bynison the legitimate king of the Armored Bears (living in exile), who was growing weaker and more fatigue from all the jeopardous journeys and assaults that he had confronted with. Compared to Iofur Raknison, the deceitful king who was twice the mass of Iorek, who was prepared for the combat with armors and claws that could easily penetrate through an elephant’s skull with just one blow. Before Lyra could finished Iorek had cut in, “Lyra, Lyra slow down my child and relax. What you’ve done was the right thing, being able to fight Iofur Raknison was all I ever wanted. Without you I would never had the chance to have this combat. They’ll never let me fight because I was considered living in exile and was no longer considered as an armor bear.” replied Iorek with his deep and placid tone.

“Belacqua? No, you are Lyra Silvertongue. Thank you” he added. His comforting deep voice had ease her and made her less tense. His voice was full of life, it had made her lively and it had filled her with pride and courage to stand up. By now Lyra was so close to him that she could feel a dynamo generating inside him ready to burst at any moment. Before he’d left she clutch him tightly feeling his white cozy fur. “May you and your armor (soul) become one. Fight well Iorek, my dear. You’re the real King, and he’s a swindler. He’s nothing, he’s nobody.”


The battleground was located outside the palace on top of a mountain on a plateau. By the time Iorek left, Lyra had shivered in the cold and felt isolated because of the vast open air and realizing how warm she’d felt when Iorek was around and how she felt detach with he’s absent. The two bears were circled and surrounded by the entire population of bears that looks like clouds of white.

“Bear!” Iorek roared. It had shaken the earth so startling that there was silence. So up roaring that the echo swept across the vast tundra chasing away flocks of birds. Everything was so silence that no one dares to make to make a sound nor take a breath. He went on “The terms of this combat are these. If I kill Iofur Raknison, I shall be your king. My first order to you all will be to tear down that palace that perfumed house of mockery and tinsel and hurl the gold and marble into the sea and turn them back into Snow Forts, back to the ways of the bears not human. Iron is bear metal and soul. Gold is NOT. Armors are bear’s soul not any fancy decorations. Iofur Raknison has polluted Svalbard, our cultures, and our ways of life. Bears are bears, humans are humans. Bears cannot live the same way as humans nor can humans live the ways of a bear. I have come to cleanse it. Iofur Raknison, I challenge you.”

After Iorek had finished, there was a quiet commotion and some did roared and praised with joviality as if they have been liberate from a prison. And some was reserved being aware that they might get punish but by their looks and expression it seem as if there eyes were gleaming and dancing with glee.

In return Iofur Raknison roared with rage, “Bears! Iorek Bynison has come back at my invitation. I drew him here from his exile. Therefore, it is for me to make the terms of this combat, and they are these: if I kill Iorek Bynison, his flesh shall be torn apart and scattered to the shark down below the sea. His head shall be displayed above my palace. His memory shall be erased. It shall be a capital crime to speak of his name….” He continued, and then each bear spoke and followed monotonously after his speech, it was a formula, a ritual, a tradition faithfully followed.

It had made Lyra feel sick to the stomach. Her heart was writhing and her stomach was tied into knots. Eventually she threw up. Bears who couldn’t cry don’t understand what was happening to her; it was a human process, meaningless to them.


The battle began when the two leap against each other with tremendous force, crashing onto each other, bits and pieces of metal being chipped off. The impact was so immense that both fell aside and the crash was heard miles away. Lyra looked at the two of them, so utterly different: Iofur so gleaming, immense in health and size, splendidly armored and equip; and Iorek smaller compared to Iofur, she never thought that he would be this small since he was three times of a person’s size, and poorly equipped, his armor rusty and dented. But his armor was his soul. He’d made it himself and it fitted him, he knows the armor and the armor knows him. They were together as one. Iofur was not content with his armor; he wanted another soul, which is daemon (human soul). Iofur was restless while Iorek was still. Other bears were also making the comparison as well. But the two bears were more than just bears. They determine two different kinds of bear kingdom, two future, and two destinies. Iofur would take the bear kingdom toward one direction, and Iorek would take them in another. Meanwhile one would close forever and the other would begin to unfold.


By now the storm was coming and the battle was a blur to her, oppose to the bears, they are adapted to the north and they can see and sense better. All she could hear is the roar and the grilling sound of the armors. But as the storm was clearing out she can see that parts of Iofur’s golden armor was now shattered and dented with scratches and teeth mark. Lyra realizes that Iofur’s armor was no longer glossy or slick but now lackluster like any ordinary scraps of metal. Surprisingly Iorek had no damage and his armor was still in one piece, but he was lack of energy and becoming more and more exasperated. Resulting in as slow reflexes having little or no rest at all. Because Iorek was so drowsy, Iofur took his chance smash his paw right at Iorek’s head, but fortunately Iorek was able intercept it with his arms. With such a hard knock it could as well break a diamond into two pieces, as a result Iorek left paw was broken and he was down against the ground crawling with just 3 legs. In astonishment Lyra wasn’t able to speak, it was if she had been paralyzed. She wanted to let out all the tears but she couldn’t because there were no more tears left in her eye. As she was about to pass out, she saw a glimpse of Iorek and he winked at her. It had brought her back to life. What could that possibly mean? She really wants to consult with the alethiometer but she was afraid, afraid of what’s hidden beneath. She just have to wait and see.


She can’t stand it anymore seeing Iorek getting push around by Iofur. It’s as if she was a part of Iorek. Iofur wasn’t fighting against Iorek anymore and was now pushing and slapping Iorek making him look disgraceful. “Is that all?” as Iofur slap Iorek in the face. “Is that all?” as Iofur repeated it after each hit. As Iofur was about to crucify Iorek with one last smash, Iorek briskly got to the right position at the right moment and unexpectedly knock the arrogant bear’s head off with such force that it shook the earth. The battle was now over. Immediate there was a deafening commotion. Meanwhile Lyra ran to Iorek and gave him a bone-cracking hug, “I knew that you can do it.” “Me? No it’s you Lyra Silvertongue,” replied Iorek. But their conversations were interrupted by the other bear,” a Gyptian name John Faa needs to speak to you, he said that it is very urgent.” Lyra then immediate sprinted out of the palace gate. “Oh John Faa, we did it, Iorek….”

“It’s about Roger, we were attacked by the Tartans and he was kidnapped. We sent a search crew but there’s no sigh of him yet. You’re the only one who can find him Lyra. There was a snowstorm during the fight and we found no sighs of the kidnapper either.” She knew straight away that her best friend Roger had went to the direction of the aurora because she once remembered that Lord Asriel had mention that when a child and his daemon were separated, immense amount of energy would be release which will then open and link the two universe together. She also recalls that in the picture of the aurora (the northern lights) there was a city inside the aurora.                  Lyra then rushed back to Iorek, “Iorek I need someone to take me to the direction of the Aurora.” “I could take you there” “No! You must rest” “I want you to be safe so you must come with me.” “That’s an order from the new King of Svalbard.” And so Lyra went off to the very North to the portal that leads to another universe in search of her friend and finding the source of the Aurora alias “Dust.”

changes in individuals




I hear many people saying that they want the world to change, but they themselves never took any action. Just like the saying, “easier said than done.” However a few did change themselves such as Gandhi. Not only did he change himself but he also influence and inspire others to change with action and moral. So you can see that if you change yourself, you could as well change others; everyone is link together.

After reading Ghandi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World, I have to agree that the world can really be change and become a better place but this all depends on the state of my.  If you only say it but you’ve never taken any action, you will not see any changes. These quotes by Gandhi may help describe what I mean;” You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Without action you aren’t going anywhere. “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” This means that the effect of taking an action will be MORE than talking and preaching. I think the reason why taking action is better than preaching is because if you take action, people will understand what you meant and see the full picture, like the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand word.” Whereas some may not understand what you meant when you’re preaching.

His quote was also related to me trying to influence my family to become aware of the environmental issues around the world. At first I was talking about this issues to my family but then they ignored me because my action wasn’t vivid and visible enough. However later on as I learn that actions are more critical than words, I began to show then video footage of consumerism and animal cruelty. It had shaken their hearts and minds since ignorance is bliss and they never really know how bad it was until now. I myself have also changed by becoming vegetarian and now my family started to eat less meat since they know that it was related to hunger. They have also refuse to use bio-diesel since they knew that bio diesel mostly comes from corn and the corn was processed into something that are inedible, instead of feeding others. They also knew that forest have to by cut down to be able to grow crops. In addition pesticides was being involve making the food and the ground more poisonous. To summarize, by changing yourself could also influence others to change.

This topic was also related to what I’ve learnt about consumerism since it is all about making changes. Consumers are like voters, we as consumer are the ones who determines whether a company will survive or close down. Here’s a real life event around the 1990s (I have to apologize McDonald for mentioning this) ; during that time  many research and critics has been made against McDonald’s that the company had brought up many health risk. And so people stop consuming McDonald. As time past by McDonald because to lose business because of the rapid decrease in consumer. In order to solve this McDonald began to include a healthier range and varieties of food. And the level of the consumer began to rise back up. This shows that consumer have the power to change a big company such as McDonald. When companies are losing business, they will change and make improvement like Gandhi’s quote “Continue to grow and evolve. Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.”

In conclusion I believe that the best way to make a difference is to change yourself. And like a chain reaction others will be influence and inspire to change as well. Even if the changes are small, it’s going to be a huge difference when all the changes are combine throughout the world. Similar to “the whole are greater than the part.” You must be the change you want to see in the world.




ways to……

25  Ways to bug your teacher (might not work on all of them)

Swear, whistle, pick your nose, talk, laugh, scream, sing, dance, tattle-tale, interrupt, gossiping, eat, drink, pop gum, spit ball, sharper your pencil with and electric sharpener, burp, slouch, sleep, snore, ask to go to the bathroom, run around the room, wink, and follow your teacher around


5 best ways to cheat on a test without getting caught

Feet tapping, hide notes in mechanical pencil, write notes or formulas on scrap paper, write faint notes on your hand, write notes in a reading book.


20  ways to cheat in soccer (dirty tactics)

push, trip, step on others with your cleats, swear, spit, punch, kick, knee, elbow, pull their shirt, head butt, bribe the referee, argue, kick in the ankle, strangle, shove, sabotage the opponents before the game, scream when the opponent’s about to shoot, make your opponent gasp for breath by making them laugh, itchy powder.






Brazil police disrupt neo-Nazi bomb plot


This issue is about the neo-Nazi all over South America. There are many groups of Neo-Nazi such as the notorious organization, which calls itself “Neuland.” It was composed of at least 50 “extremely intelligent, well-organised and very dangerous criminals who prey on Jews and gays in the name of racial purity.” Therefore they are alias as neo-Nazi (modern-Nazi) since they are very similar to the German Nazi back in the world war two.

Yesterday on Friday 22nd of May, the police had caught some of the neo-Nazi members and seized Nazi literature (propaganda), knives and three homemade explosive devices earlier this week they said were to have been set off at least two synagogues (a Jewish house of worship, often having facilities for religious instruction) in the city of Porto Alegre, home to a Jewish community of 13,000. Fourteen unnamed and unidentified men were caught. However those men that were caught had no links to the other four men arrested on Wednesday in a plot to bomb two New York synagogues.

I think the reason why this is happening was because during the world war two many Nazi had fled to South America. Therefore those former Nazi had again caused chaos by introducing and passing on the ideas of anti-semitic (a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews) as well as the ideas of dictatorship. That’s why in the 1960s most South American countries are either governs by Dictatorship, Socialist, or Communism. As a result those who were deceived by those Nazis and propagandas, turned into anti-semitics.

In my point of view, I thought, “How can a prejudice or ideas turn into such a big predicament.” People should’ve been smarter; they don’t always have to agree to what other say no matter who that person is. I also believe that there should be religious freedom, it’s what makes other people different and unique. There’s saying that every ideas correct, it’s how you look at it. For example, the Soviet Union thinks that communism is right and democracy is wrong. Whereas the American thinks that communism is bad and democracy is right. However the issues Neo-Nazi contradicts the saying since I know that it’s the wrong thing no matter at what perspective I’m looking at it because the neo-Nazi violates, human rights, racism, human cruelty, human trafficking, and many other things that violates the law and conscience.

In conclusion the ideas of Neo-Nazi are not right no matter how you look at it, it’s still wrong. This issue had happened before and you’ll know how terrible it was during the holocaust in world war two. That’s the reason why they’ve built a holocaust Memorial center, to commemorate Jews who have lost their life during world war two from the concentration camp. They have built it to remind people not to let this happen again and there quote was, “never again….” To exemplify I think there are many meaning and one is, “never again shall we let happen.” But why is it still happening till this day? You have a voice, use it, and do what’s right.

Here the link to the news article




a word of wisdom and a summary on what reading reminds people of (tay the sociologist or the psychologist)

Reading; a powerful thing

Out of the five blogs that I’ve read was about reading and the other one was about the Internet. All of the post were mainly about how that person dislike reading or dislike certain types of genres/books but later on in their lives they gave it a try again end up liking the book or turning into book-worm. That is also exactly what I’ve written on my blog. It was about me loathing novels but as I got older I began to turn hatred into love and now an addict to books. Another similarity I’ve observed was that they all referred this to their early childhood and loved when their parent read it out to them but hates it when they have to read it by themselves. Which also reminds me of what my dad said, “anyone can listen, but not all can read,” which simply means that it is easier to listen than to read.


In my opinion the reason why some people hates reading during there childhood compared to now was because as they grow older, they become more develop and experience, which means that it would be easier to understand the plot and theme as to the past. For example, the first part in the play script of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare was actually humorous in a way. But because the theme was made for adults to comprehend, us juvenile couldn’t understand why it was hilarious. Another reason why most people doesn’t enjoy certain types of books was because of the psychological thoughts. While you’re reading if you keep in mind that you won’t like that certain book, you will not enjoy it at all. But if have a mind full of wisdom, imagination, and pleasure I believe that you would enjoy reading anything. You should try to read for pleasure; don’t rush it or don’t read it when you are force to. I also realize that one of the most reason why the world enjoys reading was because they get to create their own world, a place where they could do what they’ve long to do. If I was a teacher, I don’t believe that students should be require to read a assigned book or pressured by with a due date. Book are meant to be read with pleasure not pressure.

the sensation of “reading”


         When I was young around the age of six, I considered novels as time consuming and mundane because of the amount of pages it comprise of. Meanwhile I would think to myself how would I ever finish that novel? As a result whenever I see a book that was stuffed with over two hundred pages, I wouldn’t even dared to pick it up or even read the blurb. In other word I have a novel-phobia. Therefore I often read almanacs, encyclopedia, and magazines since psychologically I feel that it was shorter, which means that I would be able to grasp information better. But as I got older and more develop, I began to see it differently from when I was young. I began trying new things, which results in both positive and negative. But because I gave it a try, I had gained immensely from it. Now in the present I was the opposite from who I was in the past, in fact I was addicted to reading. And by reading I gained knowledge and experience that helped me to become a profound, imaginative, and innovative thinker. Once I realize how much I would gain from reading, I began to thrive on it taking advantages by reading varieties of genres. As a result I ended up loving the genres I used to loath, which is fantasy.


         As I read more and more at this age, I began to realize that books were meant to be enjoyed not to be pressured by. That’s also the reason why I had hostility against novel at such a young age; it was because I was forced to read it. As to now in the present, the reason why I love to read was because I read for pleasure, I wasn’t force to read but encouraged to. And when I read with pleasure, the world stops, I get all the time in the world to enjoy and experience difference kinds of emotion such as pride, happiness, sorrow, solitary, sadness, and angriness. Reading is also a medicine; for example, when I’m depressed, I would read and it would isolate all my troubling thoughts and turn my focuses into my own perfect world. Reading is also like a port hole to another place, you don’t have to travel to that place but instead read and experience yourself, because it’ll take you to places that you dream of and even take you to places that you’ll never experience and sense in real life. Reading enlightens your life and that’s why I love reading so much, you get to be in your own world and that is when all the trouble would be gone. On the other hand reading could be a negative thing and instead of giving hope, it could give depressing moments. For example, I always thought and hope for a perfect world whenever I read but in the end, I have to accept the terrible truth and be back to the real world because that perfect world never or will exist. It had torn my hopes and brought sadness and the only word I and most people could think of was “if only……..” Just like what Robert frost said, “nothing gold can stay.”


         In conclusion, I learn that you have to pay a price in return for something good. Such as the sensation of reading, how pleasant it is to be in your own world. And how it gave you light and hope. In return it can be far fetch and making it hard for you to be realistic and to accept the truth. It may as well tear your dreams making it hard for you accept the truth. It’s a dream within a dream. “If only…….”

Protecting the Amazon has a price #5

Protecting the Jungle Has a Price

By Tay Thanasarn Tantivirun



            This article is about Brazil trying to preserve its’ forest, “the Amazon,” from deforestation by the tribal people, which results in drought, and climate change that will as well affect other countries. The Brazilian president had already brought up these issues at the centre of a debate in the Latin America edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in Rio de Janeiro.


            The debate was on “Managing the Amazon: A Global Responsibility?” The British national public broadcaster BBC hosted the debate/meeting and the conference had started off with an alarming statistics and predictions.


Here’s what I’ve learnt from reading about the debate and the issues as well as that I also came up with my own solutions:

Shockingly I learned that instead of reducing greenhouse gas, Brazil is the world’s fourth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, with 48 percent of its gases coming from the burning of the rainforest (co2) for the purposes of clearing land for agriculture.


But the reason these tribal people had to cut down trees was not because they want to or because of unnecessary purpose but because they have to survive.  In my opinion it shows a lack of concern or outreach to these tribal people by the government. But it’s not always the government’s fault; it’s also because of the citizens, manufacturers, and also consumers.  The tribal people are invisible; they are not being acknowledged by others.  For example, manufacturers who destroy their habitat and “steal” their resources, which makes their lives harder since everything is scarcer. It’s also the consumer’s fault because whenever you buy a product, it is the same as supporting that company.


And so from what I’ve learned from the environmental class is that if you ONLY support and buy products from a companies that are eco friendly and that the companies supports the farmers or the tribal people by fair trade, it is likely that the eco companies are going to survive the business.  And when you only buy products from the eco friendly company, the “bad/non environmental friendly” company’s business would go down hill and when they realize why no one buys their product, they will make a change. It’s you (consumer) who determines the future of many things, you are like a voter.  So it is best if you think carefully when buying products; you could as well diminish green house gases and save the forest.


The reason they really want to preserve the Amazon forest is because it is the biggest forest in the world. The Amazon forest is also referred to as the lungs of the world since the forest gives us oxygen and also it helps reduce carbon dioxide gas.  As a result, it helps reduce green house gases, which helps stop global warming.


Another reason why they want to preserve it is because the Amazon forest is ecologically diverse containing many rare and endangered species of fauna (animals) and plants. The solution they came up with during the meeting was to fund the tribal people. The families will receive advice and financing for sustainable development projects, such as rubber tapping, the harvesting of Brazil nuts and cashews, or fishing. And because of this funding, people living in the Amazon forest would be able to find other ways to earn a living without harming the eco-system. This program is going to cost a lot since the populations in the Amazon areas are widely spread.


The idea of paying to preserve the Amazon is also shared by Greenpeace. Marcelo Furtado, director of the international environmental watchdog’s campaigns in Brazil, said world leaders should be pressured to come up with such funds. The “Amazon is a global program, because it is a global problem.” What he meant was that without the Amazon, there would be drought and climate change all over the world and so it is a global thing. The world needs the Amazon forest to be able to survive. “We have shown that we are capable of adequately managing the jungle, but a great deal more could be done with outside help. We need assistance and more funds, and we should be recognized as providers of environmental services,” said the official. After the concept of giving payment to the tribal people has been mentioned, the official said, “That is the way to reduce deforestation to zero. That is the way to make them guardians of the jungle.”


In conclusion I strongly agree with Marcelo Furtado who said, “This is a global program, because it is a global problem.” I really agree with this because not only the forest helps support the people in Brazil but it also helps other countries all over the world.  By helping to slow down the process of climate change, this will affect the economy, agriculture, and the human race. For example hurricanes occur because of warm and humid air in the ocean and so as the world gets hotter it means that there will more hurricanes but because the Amazon helps absorb some green house gas, it was able to prevent some from hitting countries such as the United States or weaken the storm.

The Amazon is really a beautiful and beneficial place and so let’s preserve. Here what you can do to help and some tips:

 When buying products make sure that the product is some how eco-friendly by looking at the labels.  It is also good to buy from local suppliers since less carbon footprints are made and you don’t have to waste that much fuel to transport products.  You also help your own people, the economy, and most of all, the ENVIRONMENT. So make a difference it may be small but with everyone doing it the changes are big.  Here are some quotes, “We can, We will,” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” “Most of all make a difference!”




Connected world#4 region literature

Devotion (poem) by Manoel de Barros

Manoel de Barros was born in 1916, Brazil. He is the author/poet of twenty collections of poetry and has received numerous honors, including Brazil’s highest award for poetry, the Jabuti Prize, in both 1990 and 2002. His other awards are the 1990 Paulista Association of Art Critics Poetry Prize, the Nestlé Poetry Prize in 1997 and again in 2006, and the Ministry of Culture’s Cecília Meireles Prize in 1998. In1989, a filmmaker had made a movie (similar to a biography) of his extraordinary life (since in that period of time was when the revolution occurs in most South America countries. Here a list of all the awards he has won:

1960 – Orlando Dantas Prize – Daily News, with the book “Compendium of the birds to use”

1966 – National Award for poetry in the book “Grammar of the exhibition floor”

1969 – Award of the Cultural Foundation of the Federal District, with the book “Grammar of the exhibition floor”

1989 – Jabuti Prize for Literature in the Poetry category, as the book “The warden of water”

1990 – Silver Award Jacaré the Culture Secretariat of Mato Grosso do Sul as the best writer of the year

1996 – Alfonso Guimarães Award of the National Library with the book “Book of ignorãças”

1997 – Nestlé Prize of Poetry, with the book “Book about nothing”

1998 – National Award for Literature from the Ministry of Culture, by all of the work

2000 – Award Odilo Costa Filho – Child Youth Foundation of the Book, the book “Exercise to be children”

2000 – Brazilian Academy of Letters Award, the book “Exercise to be children”

2002 – Jabuti Prize for Literature, the book category of fiction, with “The makers of dawn”

2005 – APCA Award 2004 for best poetry in the book “Poems cave”

2006 – Brazilian Literature Prize of Nestlé, with the book “Poems cave”





There was a high wall between our houses.

Difficult to send her a message.

There was no email.

Her father was a jaguar.

We tied notes to a rock bound to a rope

and I threw the rock into her backyard.

It was glorious.

But sometimes the note got stuck in the branches of the guayaba tree
and then it was agony.

So it was in the time of jaguars.


Although the theme makes you think of nature or the Amazon forest, this poem represents the modern world where technologies are being part of out daily life. In the poem it teaches you through symbolism to be careful with what you send to others because it could fall into the hands of the person you don’t intend to send and they could read your message (either private or not). Relating this poem to the future and the modern world, when we send emails, there be leaks, spy ware or hackers who could also read your message or so it is better to be safe than sorry.


This poem is similar to a sonnet because of the last to lines, the feeling changes from glory to agony because the boy is really in love (secretly, maybe like Romeo and Juliet) with the girl beyond the wall and so he lost his conscience and made a mistake resulting in the father finding out what he wrote in the message.


This poem had made me thought of the Amazon forest because of the character; the Jaguar. The reson the Jaguar reminded me of the Amazon forest was because I learn the Amazon forest is ecologically diverse and it also contain rare species such as the Jaguar. Another thing from the poem that reminded me of the amazon forest was the guayaba tree, it is actually called guava but in Latin America they called it the Guayaba tree. This tree reminds me of a forest.

In my opinion it seems as if this poem tells the future and so just remember to be careful when sending messages to another or to the love ones or you’ll end up in agony. (I have faced it before and in my opinion I think the boy in the poem felt embarrass, and that he feels that it is his entire fault, afraid to meet the neighbor.) So think before you act and better to be safe than sorry.

Connected world #3 (soccer in south america)

Argentina won Venezuela 4-0. Brazil, Ecuador draw 1-1 (you would ask how such a great team like Brazil drew)


Before we get onto this matter I would like to mention a current event on soccer. Maradonna (one of the greatest player; as known as the “god hand”) is now coaching Argentina and his grandson is also playing for that team. Not only that he is a great player but also a great coach after a victory against Venezuela. The Argentinean had just brutally beaten Venezuela 4-0 (that’s a lot of goals scored!!!! In soccer)

Argentina's Lionel Messi (2nd L) eludes the challenge of Venezuela's Tomas Rincon (L) during their World Cup 2010 qualifying soccer match in Buenos Aires March 28, 2009. [Agencies]



As you may all know that Brazil is one of the greatest soccer team with the record of being world cup champion for 5 times. But how come they drew with Ecuador? The answer is because the Brazilian just arriving at the Andean capital just hours before the game, an attempt to counteract the affects of altitude at 9,000 feet. Ecuador’s capital city is Quito and that city is the city that has the highest elevation in the world at about 9000 feet above sea level. Which means that there are less oxygen and also because the Ecuadorians are at home, they are used to the elevation and the climate.


Here’s the news article:

ECUADOR’S Cristian Noboa scored in the 89th minute to force a 1-1 draw with Brazil in a World Cup qualifier yesterday.

Brazil scored first via Julio Baptista on the only clear opportunity the Brazilians had in the second half. Baptista, who entered as a replacement for Ronaldinho, surprised Ecuador’s Jose Francisco Cevallos with a low shot that got past the goalkeeper in the 72nd minute.

Unable to take advantage of its dominant play throughout the game and the taxing altitude of the Andean capital, Ecuador salvaged a point with Noboa’s late equalizer. It came on the rebound off a blocked shot by teammate Cristian Benitez.

Five-time World Cup champion Brazil dropped from second in the South American tournament, overtaken by Argentina, which beat Venezuela 4-0 on Saturday. Ecuador is seventh in the 10-team tournament with 13 points. Brazil has 18.

Brazil looked lackluster after arriving in the Andean capital just hours before the game, an attempt to counteract the affects of altitude at 9,000 feet above sea level.

The Brazilians played without Kaka, who injured his foot playing for AC Milan this month. His spot was filled by Ronaldinho, his AC Milan teammate who has lost playing time at his club to David Beckham in recent months.


(I’m a soccer player/fan myself) In my opinion when I first saw this I thought, how could this happen; One of the greatest had drew instead of a win. Referring to the news article I thought how unfortunate for the Brazilian since the goal that was scored by Ecuador was at the 89 minute (a game last 90 minute). In the other point of view, Ecuador must have played well to equalize with such a notorious team and that the score was equalize at the last minute (isn’t that amazing?).


But imagine what if the elevation was not this high but at a regular altitude. I wonder what will the score be like? But that would be a disadvantage for Ecuador since they are use to play at a high altitude not low.

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