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Issues in Brazil (South America topic)

I have studied about the issues in Brazil and how it affects many things like a chain reaction. Here’s a brief story of what happened in Brazil from the blog written by Paula Goes; While most of people’s attention in Brazil was turned to the tragic floods in Santa Catarina, another environmental disaster struck the country, this time in the state of Rio de Janeiro. On November 18, a leak of deadly endosulfan pesticide into the Pirapetinga river, a tributary of Paraíba do Sul River, killed thousands of fish – over 80 tonnes – in Resende and other neighbouring cities. The incident also caused the interruption of the water supply for 7 cities in the area. The tragedy was worsened by the fact that it happened during breeding season for many species, some of which are under threat of extinction. Cintia Sibucs says that apart from fish, she was sad to see also dead water hogs and even birds.

My thoughts to this was that apart from affecting the people who relied on the river for food it also affects consumer all over Brazil, because after they distributed food and water, the toxic would still be there. And even if the river was cleaned there will still be some traces of the chemical. As well as affecting the consumer, it also affects the company itself since they lost their resources. This crisis shows that safely regulation are not considered enough is Brazil, since the chemical is leaking down to the river throughout the procedures with the deadly pesticides. The difference between natural disaster and this was that it occured because of human error, which means that it could be prevented at the start. It is similar to a math equation where humans are the variable such as X, who makes the decision on what will be the result. Y represents the result, which is the outcome. This means that X determines Y. In this situation (the leaking in the lake) the X (humans) did a negative thing, which also means that Y is going to be a negative outcome (which means that the toxic is going to kill all the marine faunas and the land animal that will consume the poisoned prey. In my opinion, I wondered, “how come such a small mistake could result in a huge crisis?” The answer is that everything are connected like the food chain, it is also like a chain reaction where one affects the other.

Once reading the headlines by Paula Goes I have also posted some comments. This is exactly what I wrote as comments on global voices:

In my opinion I believe the reason this crisis happen was because of the standard and the procedure that was regulated by the company. They should have stricter rules and standard while processing with the chemical. As a result it would benefit everyone including the company themselves, as there would no loss of money and resources but a gain. This wouldn’t have happen if these safety regulation were pass out.

Think about the mistake that was made. With just one small mistake, it could lead into such a big issues that affects everyone. I feel sympathy for the people who earned a living by using the resources from that river. Since the river is a sources of food. But as the toxic waist is wiping out the animals and its habitat, it would be impossible to get food as well as water supplies. I thought to myself, what would they do now? Will it affect their lives since the river is like a part of their daily life? I also thought about the people drinking that water, what if there are still traces of the chemical?

So if the little mistakes were never made all of this mess wouldn’t be occurring like a chain reaction. In other word it is better to not start it at all.

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  1. You cannot really blame farmers. Do environmentalists supply them with free or even relatively cheap organic fertilizer. Also their fields can save lots with pesticide. But, yes the pictures of the dead creatures are bad. This incident harms fishermen and many Brazilians. This post was written quite some time ago but around ten years are required to restore this.

  2. hello, My name is Isabelle, I am from California. I read your article and it was really interesting. You also have very good writing. Good Job.

  3. From the Waverly School
    Teacher Lisa knows Ms. Ulster

    Hey Tay,
    I found all of your blogs pretty interesting, and some funny. I learned things right know that I probably wouldn’t have known before. So……Thanx

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